Written and directed by Eric Tretbar
USA / 2019 Winter Light Films / 92 min / color-b+w / drama

Starring Faysal Ahmed (438 DAYS, SICARIO 2, CAPT PHILLIPS) and Amanda Day (THE SEEKER). With Ahmed Ismail Yusuf (A STRAY), Fathia Absie (THE LOBBY), Barkhad Abdirahman (FARGO, CAPT PHILLIPS), Mikey Johnson (SUPERMOTO), Pearce Bunting (BOARDWALK EMPIRE) and Michelle O’Neill (GUTHRIE THEATER).

Berlin Film Festival Audience Award winner and Indie Spirit Award nominee Eric Tretbar looks behind today’s headlines with a new feature film about two Minneapolis filmmakers–the son of a Somali imam and daughter of a white Baptist preacher–who fall in love through their lenses and bring together their estranged families for Thanksgiving dinner. With empathy and humor, FIRST PERSON PLURAL shows two families–one Muslim, one Christian–grappling with doubt and imperfection to discover their common conflicts of love.


Your 100% tax-deductible donation of any size will help make possible the film’s presentation at film festivals and special preview screenings, supporting costs of travel, venue rental, catering, equipment and film rental, and printing.

If your arts, cultural, interfaith or educational organization would like to partner with us for a special preview screening, we can create both general intercultural events (with or without a Somali meal), or specialized discussions built around particular story issues or film making topics.  For social justice and public policy organizations, the film addresses issues of interfaith understanding, immigration policy, gun violence, and exploitation of at-risk youth.  The film’s variety of East African pop music and traditional cinematic score music makes a perfect event for music institutions, including music schools and performance venues.  The film’s visual style provides practical case studies in script and visual design for film students and enthusiasts. 

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