Standing Ground (working title) presents the case for reducing our reliance on animals for food while simultaneously raising animals that continue to be used for food in ways that are more compatible with their welfare – that is, their natures, biology and behaviors, and their reasonable expectations of a life worth living.

Standing Ground identifies improving the welfare of farmed animals with solutions to pressing problems such as climate change; antibiotic resistance; loss of biodiversity; loss of democracy and loss of independent farms. We believe that Standing Ground (w.t) not only can change how people perceive animals raised for food but also encourage them to make more animal-compatible and environmentally-friendly food choices, showing appreciation for what the animals and nature provide.

Filmed in seven countries and using stories of agricultural change and tradition, Standing Ground (w.t.) suggests that putting into practice a more informed ethic concerning the animals we raise for food is central to a socially just and ecologically sound and sustainable farming and food system.

Lead Artists: Diane Halverson and Marlene Halverson