MONOPOLY is a live action short film (runtime: 15 minutes) based on an original story by Gayle Knutson and written by Wenonah Wilms, winner of a Minnesota McKnight Screenplay Fellowship. Primary shooting is scheduled for the Summer of 2017.  The budget request is $50,000.  Skywalker Sound has confirmed its participation for the sound mix of the film.


MONOPOLY is the story of Francis, a middle-aged woman not afraid to drink and swear her way across the country. Her traveling companion is Claire, her mentally challenged adult-aged niece. The two move from town to town in a run-down camper, stopping along familiar routes making friends, or sometimes more than friends.

When they pull into a small Minnesota town to restock supplies, Claire sets up her  “World Famous Lemonade” stand with the goal of earning enough to finally afford a red wagon on sale at the town’s General Store. While Francis does a little five-finger discount shopping, Claire falls victim to bullying by local kids and gets swindled out of her entire savings, duped by Monopoly money.

Charlie, the store owner and a generous man that Francis knows all too well, offers to take the fake money for the red wagon, and get things “sorted out.” It’s only when Claire walks off with her new treasure that Francis discovers the dark secret Claire’s been hiding.


Success of the Screenplay

The quality of the screenplay for MONOPOLY is reflected in the results of two major international screenplay competitions:

  • Quarterfinalist (top 5% of all entries) at BlueCat Screenplay Competition
  • Finalist (top 1% of all entries) at the Page International Screenwriting Awards

Committed to MONOPOLY

  • Actress, Sally Wingert (FARGO, A STRAIGHT STORY) as Francis
  • Skywalker Sound – Sound Mix
  • Independent Feature Project MPLS/SP – Fiscal Agent
  • Greg Stiever – (GRANDFATHER’S BIRTHDAY) – Director of Photography
  • Gayle Knutson – Producer/Director