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On December 15th (the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the First Amendment), the Whole Truth Booth launched as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Turn your living room into your truth booth. Turn your car into your truth booth. Turn your morning commute into your truth booth.

Wherever you are and more importantly whoever you are, we want to hear YOUR truth.

During the January 20th Inauguration and the January 21st Women’s March on Washington, attendees can share their truths in person. The Whole Truth Booth will be on-site to hear all sides of the story.

Prompted by a series of open-ended questions, Whole Truth Booth users will be asked to answer from the heart with questions like:

– What excites and scares you?

– Who are you most proud of?

– What was the hardest day of your life?

– What do you hope for your children?

– What motivates you?

We’ll hear about lives, families, hopes, dreams, fears. And yes, politics.

Woven together, these seemingly disparate stories from people across the country, representing all walks of life and all belief systems, will be shared as engaging snapshots of the new American story.

No matter our politics, we have more that unites us than divides us. We all care about the same things: safety, independence, good jobs, healthcare, education, and a prosperous future for our children.

Links to download the free app or participate on a computer: https://www.thewholetruthbooth.com/shareyourtruth


The idea for The Whole Truth Booth was born a few days after the 2016 Election in a text conversation between two long-time friends.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-31-39-pm-copyMaribeth & Nina met more than 15 years ago while both launching their careers in New York City. They’ve been there for each other through all types of ups and downs in their lives – marriages, children, divorce, international travel, illness, road trips, and many many laughs. They even ran a marathon together. When the election didn’t go how they had hoped, they leaned on each other. They wondered why the country seems so divided. Why everything feels like US vs THEM. And why we have such a hard time listening to each other.

They came up with the idea of a platform (both physical and virtual) where people living in America, from all walks of life could share their own, personal truth. Feel heard. Listen directly to others talk about their hopes, fears, dreams.

Maribeth & Nina hope that by providing this platform for people to speak their truth and hear other perspectives, we can foster better understanding across the divides. We don’t need to agree to understand each other. By listening, we can discover where we are more alike than our politics suggest.

Nina Sharma has dedicated her career to working for causes that empower others. She spent 15 years working in nonprofit institutional fundraising and partnership development, at such places as the New York Public Library, Carnegie Hall, Yale University, and the Ad Council. After getting her Masters of Public Administration from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service, she worked for Dr. Jeffrey Sachs’ Millennium Villages Project, a proof-of-concept model to eradicate extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2004, she moved to Denver where she worked for various nonprofits, launched her own consultancy, and is now the Director of Special Projects at the University of Denver. She was one of the original founders of +Acumen, is a graduate of Impact Denver Class, serves on the Alumni Council of Hamilton College and the Alumni Advisory Council of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, and is a board member at Global Dental Relief.

Maribeth Romslo is a director, producer, and storyteller. Her feature film Dragonfly premiered at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and was selected for “Best of the Fest” at the 2016 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. In 2015, she produced a feature-length documentary, Our Journey Home, about how home shapes us, with the Emmy-award team at Stillmotion and celebrity narrator singer-songwriter Jewel. She was a finalist for the Sundance New Voices Lab with her project, The Last Job, an episodic story set in the 1970s about a Midwestern lady mob boss. She recently wrapped production on a short film, Amelia, about a polio-stricken girl in 1937 who hears Amelia Earhart’s distress calls on her shortwave radio. A Loyola University Chicago graduate, Maribeth spent her early career as an award-winning professional photographer and magazine editor before transitioning to film. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children. You can find much of her new work at www.maribethromslo.com.