Using an out-of-the box approach to environmental protection, Native American activist and former Green Party VP with Ralph Nader, Winona LaDuke, focuses on Enbridge’s fracked oil, it’s dangers and how the shale oil boom is adversely affecting Indian Country.

LaDuke had a dream about how to fight Enbridge’s proposed pipeline expansion which threatens sacred wild rice beds: a sacred horse ride against the current of oil.  Creating a “Love Water Not Oil” tour, she gathers musicians, young people and native leadership, puts them on a horse, mixes into lakes communities and creates a movement.

Following Winona’s path reveals the life of an activist. While focusing on her goal to stop Enbridge, this Native grandmother’s mixes Midwestern work ethic with indigenous wisdom to create a blend of spiritual, political and humorous actions created to chase away the black snake.

Lead Artist: Keri Pickett