Native Americans have dodged bullets since first contact with Europeans. This film brings a cross-generational sampling of Native people, researchers and legislators to reveal stunning reasons for their disproportionately high incidences of health and social issues. This collection of remarkable stories names Historical Trauma as the unique and insidious bullet that resilient Native American populations are still finding ways to dodge.

Dodging_Bullets_FamilyA Documentary Film on Historical Trauma, Dodging Bullets focuses on documenting historical trauma among Native Americans.

America’s fickle love affair with Native Americans is limited to revisionist stories of passive Indian maidens like Pocahontas and Sacajawea or fierce doomed warriors like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Worse, the modern stereotype America has about Native Americans is limited to the oppressed drunkard or the fat casino cat, neither of which deserves understanding nor empathy. No matter what kind of image is evoked, you can’t win if you’re Native: A successful Indian exploits the American way by not giving back his fair share and a downtrodden Indian can’t pull himself up by his boot straps no matter how much government assistance he’s given. Native Americans are blamed for not taking responsibility for the plight of their people and told that they don’t deserve help or money despite the fact that Native Americans have the highest poverty rates and the lowest access to health care of any race in the United States.

DodgingBullets_TallPaulBut when we look beneath the stereotypes and understand the issues and statistics of what’s really happening in Indian Country, the truth is surprising, complex, and frustrating. There are spiritual, psychological, and physical wounds experienced in large numbers of the Native American population and these hurts have a name, Historical Trauma. The theory of Historical Trauma stemmed from research done by Dr. Maria Yellowhorse Braveheart in her own community during the 1980s.



Tom Trench, Producer

With a ten year history in film and sound engineering, Tom Trench began his career producing communications for colleges, health care, and medical device companies as well as the consumer goods. Tom offers a unique insight into communication efforts that surround in the health care arena.

Tom studied Internet Marketing Communications  and Programming. He is well versed in the production of new media, design and user experience and has worked on industrial films in the medical, legal and consumer electronics industries.

Bob Trench, Director

Bob attended the Film Studies program at the University of Utah and continued on to earn his Bachelor’s degree from Hamline University. While studying for his Masters Program at the University of St Thomas, Bob began to enter in his chosen field by producing industrial videos. With over 30 years of experience in communications he began to focus his attention on his passion for film. Throughout his career, he has been published internationally and his opinion much sought after as a communications expert. Dodging Bullets is Bob’s first film.

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