On April 16th, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the coast of Ecuador, causing tremendous physical devastation. The event left several thousand people wounded and homeless, and six hundred and seventy one dead. It lasted 52 seconds. One of the most severely affected cities was Portoviejo, the hometown of Ecuadorian filmmaker Javier Andrade (Porcelain Horse, La Casa del Ritmo). Not knowing what else to do after the initial shock, Javier went home with a camera. He came back with a film. _ ____________________________________________________________________________ “52s” is a universal tale of memory, loss, and coming back home in the least likely of circumstances.




We are currently in the post-production stage, and all the IFP contributions will help us finish and release the film in time for the first anniversary of the earthquake on April 17th, 2017. All profits obtained from the documentary will be directed towards aiding victims of the earthquake. This means that the mere act of paying the ticket to see the movie, or buying it online, will make the audience participants and contributors to the relief effort.

“52s” is a powerful, memorable cinematic experience and a way of helping our corner of the world doing what we do best: making movies.


Javier Andrade: Director/Producer

Javier is an Ecuadorian writer/director who works in documentary and fiction. He has an MFA in film directing from the School of the Arts at Columbia University. Javier has directed the documentaries “Canción de Toquilla” and “La Casa del Ritmo”. His debut fiction feature, the award winning “Porcelain Horse”, was selected as Ecuador’s official entry for the 2014 Academy Awards on the Best Foreign Film category.

He is currently editing his next documentary project,“52s” and developing two fiction projects, Julio”, based on the life of Ecuadorian music legend Julio Jaramillo, and “An invisible woman”.

Ana María Hidalgo: Producer

Ana María studied Film Production with a minor in Performing Arts at Universidad San Francisco of Quito. As a filmmaker, she has been part of several short films in various departments. She also worked in the film production company Carnaval Cine, and she was production assistant in the movie “Ochentaisiete”. 
At this time, she belongs to the collective Mitómana Artes Escénicas, where she is producing the play “Tazas Rosas de Té”. In addition, she works in the production company Punk S.A. with Javier Andrade, which is developing two feature films, “Julio” and “An Invisible Woman” and the documentary “52s”.

Carla Valencia: Editor

Carla is a director and editor. She directed and edited “Abuelos” (2010), which was nominated for Best First Appearance Film at IDFA and winner of the audience award at EDOC and the Best Documentary award at Biarritz Film Festival. She has co-edited “Con mi corazón en Yambo” (2011), participated in the editing of “La muerte de Jaime Roldós” (2013), and recently edited “Mi tía Toty” (2016). She also directed the animated documentary short “Vicenta” (2014).